We are actively looking for personal and corporate support for students that are either enrolled or waitlisted for our program. The Foundation, in partnership with TechyKids Academy, admits students into the Python Certificate course as space and financial support are made available.

Our Ideal Students

We are looking for students that have a desire to improve themselves and their potential career options by learning to code, specifically the language of Python. We are looking for students who's family situations does not allow for them to be able to afford the Tuition Costs of the TK Academy courses.

No experience is required but the student will be required to:

  • ATTEND weekly online classes

  • COMPLETE required homework

  • SUPPORT of other students

  • RESPECT of students and staff

  • ASK questions when you need help!

  • ACCEPT help when offered!

  • GET UP when they stumble!

  • CELEBRATE their successes!

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