We have students that are waiting for supporters just like you! Our students show a keen interest in all things coding and programming and are ready to get started!


Our process is truly simple and we would like to think, uncomplicated!

“I was given the privilege of being a part of this remarkable program called The Foundation for Student of Achievement. This program has helped in numerous ways that I can never thank anyone enough for, specifically those who has helped me get this far. I was faced with many obstacles in my life, but the biggest obstacle I faced, and still currently face is being raised by a single mother” Suraya, Emery Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON


The Need

The Foundation has no shortage of qualified students. This is a result of partnerships with school resource staff plus our online marketing initiatives thanks to a Google charity grant.

We interview our students to learn more about them and why they feel coding will change their lives. We then share this information with potential partners so they may understand the value of their support.

The Benefit

We come together to provide solutions!


• Professional teachers

• Taught 100% online

• Multiple learning pathways

• Multiple scheduling options

• Free for students!

Your Support

• Unique team building opportunity

• Mentoring opportunity

• Positive media opportunity

• Support more young Canadian Coders

• Tax receipts for all donations!


The Final Outcome

You are an integral piece of the puzzle for these students:

• Students gain access to programs they would never otherwise afford.

• Gain a sense of accomplishment in what you have been a part of.  You have potentially changed the future of a student and have given them the opportunity to achieve above their goals.

Super Simple Process!

Step One
Express your interest by submitting the "Let's Connect" form.

Step Two
We will connect with you and discuss our student support options.

Step Three
We will provide a list of applicants for you to select from or we can choose a student on your behalf.

Let's Connect