The Problem(s)

1) Not all parents are able to provide advanced education opportunities for their kids...

2) Some kids although more than capable, do not have access to building these skills that can be life changing...

3) The demand for students to learn technology and work towards tech based careers, has never been higher...

Business Challenges

1) Tech companies continue to fight over talent yet see shortages in new qualified staff...

2) Demand for services are higher than they have ever been as competition and expectations continue to increase...

3) Certain Canadian cities are becoming tech hubs and attracting global players; ultimately increasing the significance of points 1 and 2...


To make coding and programming available for students that would not otherwise be able to access it and to start to change the Canadian tech landscape.

The Primary Objective


The Foundation

The Foundation's mission is to provide educational access to youth regardless of their social economic situations.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Coding for kids aged 8 plus

  • Intro to coding workshops

  • Age based coding pathways

  • Advanced Python Certificates

  • Career Prep for older students!


All provided through industry partner that delivers professional teacher led online sessions.


"Changing the lives of students through Coding and Programming"