In October of 2017, The Foundation received its charity status and as such, we ceased to operate as a non-profit, family run entity which had been the case since The Foundations inception in 2013. We moved formally into a charity with the establishment of a full board of directors and a supporting cast that include a charity related management.  Our board will evolve, change and adjust over the coming years as our Charity continues down the path to growth but they will forever and always be known and referred to as the Founding Board.

For the current year (2019-2020), the board is being led by Raye Ackerman - (Foundation Founder) as we work towards establishing a permanent chairperson and identifying key board position roles.  All current board roles will expire December 31st 2020.  A new board has yet to be confirmed or finalized for 2021 and forward. We await Covid restrictions easing and will initiate recruitment of our next board.

Raye Ackerman

President and CEO Techy Kids: Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and family man.  Expertise in business growth, strategy, execution and building for exits. Served on multiple boards including the Entrepreneurs Organization as President from 2015-2017.  Currently acting Board Chairperson for The Foundation.

Nigel Green 2017-2020

Director, EdgeWorx: Seventeen years of experience in Security, infrastructure architecture, and integration for security regulations, standards, and compliance.


Normand Haas 2017-2020

President & CEO, IBMG Canada: Over three decades of entrepreneurial experience as a National leader in the automotive, life and commercial insurance sector.

Wade Khoury 2017-2020

Director of Consulting Operations for SiriusDecisions: Two decades of experience years in process development, data management, performance measurement and guiding organizations to operate efficiently

David Markwell 2017-2019

MBA (SVP, Loblaw): A senior executive at Loblaw, with over two decades of experience in Business Engagement, IT Delivery and Data and Analytics teams.  David currently overseas Foundation related finances.

Sunny Verma 2017-2018

CEO & Founder, Tutor Bright: An entrepreneurial CEO who has built one of the world’s top four in-home tutoring programs across North America and Australia.

Lisa Corbin 2017-2018

Strategy & Growth Executive, IBM: Two decades of experience defining and implement strategic business growth plans for clients in the banking and finance sector.

David Markwell
Raye Ackerman
Sunny Verma
Nigel Greene
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David Markwell
Sunny Verma
Normand Haas
Wade Khoury