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September 2, 2021

The Founder of the Foundation for Student Achievement, Raye Ackerman has learned much in the running of this charity and with charity operations over the the past 4 years and those who claim to be supporters.  There are some dark sides to this industry and behaviours from those that espouse themselves to be supporters and builders for charities but are the exact opposite and this needs to be exposed.  The amount of people making money off of charities with zero accountability is purely sickening.  A press release and article on this topic is being prepared and will be released later this month.  For early access, please email




August 15, 2021

Please see our most recent updates on the legal struggles, expenses and increasing actions against previous employee and fundraiser, Anthony Holl. For access to page, please email ...  Read More>


June 2021
The Foundation Canada has created a private page to keep supporters up to date on the ongoing legal struggles, expenses and increasing actions against previous employee and fundraiser, Anthony Holl.   Read More>


September 2020
The Foundation continues to expend legal fees to collect on judgement against past fundraiser.   Read More>


February 2020
Successful court win against previous employee

The Foundation is pleased to announce a successful appeal win against the ongoing wrongful dismissal lawsuit brought forth by previous Foundation staff fundraiser.  Significant legal expenses were incurred by The Foundation in defending themselves from this failed lawsuit and we were pleased to be awarded back some of these legal fees in both the initial win and subsequent appeal.  Read More>


January 2020
The Foundation for Student Achievement is pleased to announce a partnership with TechyKids and TechySchool to deliver a higher level of education to youth for learning coding and programming.  TechyKids has multiple locations across Southern Ontario and an online solution (TechySchool) that allows for students to work remotely and learn coding.  TechyKids and TechySchool will be giving away scholarships to students in addition to discounted fees for their respective service offerings!

For more information on this program please CLICK HERE>

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