Free Coding Online!

Actively Seeking:

Students Aged 8-14

  • Work through and intro to coding course

  • No experience required

  • Zero Cost for Parents or Students

  • Students need computer and Internet

  • Languages include Java, HTML, Python, JavaScrip and CSS

  • Students progress into Game Building, Web Design, VR and Mobile Development

Students Aged 16 to Post H.S.

  • Students start with an intro to coding course

  • Older Students have the option of continuing into a Python Certificate program which prepares them for more advanced learning or entry level job placement

  • Students accepted right up to their first year after completing High School

The Ideal Student

We are looking for students that have a desire to improve themselves and their potential future opportunities by exploring coding and programming. We have options for students from Grade 3 to Grade 12+. We are looking for students who's family situations does not allow for them to be able to afford the tuition costs associated with advanced learning programs like that being offered.


“I was given the privilege of being a part of this remarkable program called The Foundation for Student of Achievement. This program has helped in numerous ways that I can never thank anyone enough for, specifically those who has helped me get this far. I was faced with many obstacles in my life, but the biggest obstacle I faced, and still currently face is being raised by a single mother” Suraya, Emery Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON

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Our Program

We provide complete access to our full coding course curriculum which is 100% teacher supported. Students will work at their own pace both on their own and online in our group classes. Students will learn the basics of coding and progress into more advanced functions and skills.  We start with a basic version of JavaScript and progress into Python, HTML and Java... These are the 4 most common and most used coding languages.


Student do not need any experience.  We will review all student applications and we may reach out for a bit more information.  If selected, you will be added to our list of applicants and as funding is received, we will place directly into our program. 

Students WILL:

  • SUPPORT other students

  • RESPECT students and staff

  • ASK questions when they need help

  • ACCEPT help when offered

  • GET UP when they stumble

  • CELEBRATE their successes!

Not all students will be accepted but we will reach out to all students and families that are submitting applications.