The Foundation was founded by the Ackerman family led by Raye and Denise Ackerman.  The Ackermans are truly passionate about ensuring that students in the inner-city graduate from high school at the right course level and with the correct tools at their disposal to be successful at whatever post-secondary studies they move on to.

Ultimately, the desire was for youth to have access to tutors and mentors throughout their high school years and truly learn how to learn.  This includes proper note taking, study habits and comprehension skills in math and English.  Additional support is provided around exams and we top this off with offering college or university bursaries to selected graduates.  To compliment these core services, the Ackermans saw the need to also work deeper with these kids but providing them with their own full time guidance counselor, warm meals and access to field trips and excursions to open their young minds to their potential.

To this point in the life of the Foundation, the Ackermans have funded all aspects of the Foundation completely.  They are proud to have converted what started as a family based Not for Profit, to a fully licensed registered charity. More information can be found on the news page about this initiative.



Currently (2018/19 School year), the Foundation is operating in three high schools within the Keele to Weston Rd. and Sheppard to Finch boundaries. The schools we serve are ranked in the top ten by the Toronto District School Board as having the most external challenges impeding student success. Logistically, the Foundation chose to service this area as the schools were in close proximity to one another and the most amount of immediate impact could be made.  The Foundation works in these schools with full support of School Principals, Vice Principals, school staff and teachers.  The schools provide the Foundation with the after school classes and a meeting space that are critical for the running of the program. They support in recruiting kids and ensuring that the Foundation has representation within the schools’ activities.

Current Schools Include:

Additional Schools:

  • Downsview Secondary School (Since February 2014) Restarting September 2019 based on funding

Future plans for the Foundation see the program expanding into another region of the city with another four schools to work between. This seems to be the right number of schools, kids and teachers that is both scalable and manageable.


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